In Germany alone, many millions of people suffer temporarily or permanently from tinnitus. This being the case, it is surprising that research into tinnitus is so low on the scientific agenda and that adequate funding for urgently necessary basic research is lacking.

Project Work and Communication

The German Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité wishes to improve the underlying conditions for tinnitus research in Germany. The interest from the foundation's capital and donations are devoted to promoting research projects.

You can find further Information about these here.

The foundation is also committed to fostering continuous communication with researchers. Greater awareness of tinnitus among the public can be achieved only if the results of research are published rapidly and continuously. In 2014, the German Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité has thus organised the “XI International Tinnitus Seminar” in Berlin. An Inner Ear Biology Congress is to follow in 2018. Together with the Tinnitus Center Charité, the foundation also coordinates the annual international “Tinnitus Symposium”. Tinnitus researchers are thereby offered important platforms, and at the same time the foundation is operatively involved in the international exchange as well as in the discourse of the latest research results and types of therapy.