Medical support

The German Tinnitus Foundation Charité cooperates with various organizations and associations in pursuing its goals of education, information and advice on the subject of tinnitus. You can find information about the members of our network here. The list is steadily growing.

ENT Clinic, Trauma Hospital Berlin
The ENT Clinic at the Trauma Hospital Berlin offers patients extensive hearing, tinnitus, and balance diagnostics, especially after accidents and for older patients. It also offers individualized therapy planning, provides hearing implants for the hard of hearing and tinnitus sufferers, balance training and complex therapy. The inhouse Centre for Clinical Research participates in the scientific investigation and implementation of new therapeutic strategies for applying start-of-the art medical knowledge in practice.

HörBIZ Berlin Advice and Information Centre for the Hard-of-Hearing
The HörBIZ is the number one address in Berlin for hearing problems. The Centre provides free advice not only for the hard-of-hearing and deaf, for CI wearers and tinnitus sufferers, but also for their contact persons and families.  Furthermore, the HörBIZ organizes regular group and informations events, as well as audio therapy. It also finds speech-to-text interpreters and lends out hearing technology. The HörBIZ is sponsored by the Sozialwerk der Hörgeschädigten Berlin e.V.

Hard-of-Hearing Association Berlin
The Hard-of-Hearing Association Berlin, which was founded as long ago as 1901, informs the public about the causes, effects, and consequences of hardness of hearing and deafness, provides information on prevention and promotes consumer protection. Those affected can participate in groups devoted to a wide variety of topics, such as “employment” and “senior citizens.” In the Berlin Advisory Council for People with Disabilities, the Association in its capacity as voting member champions the cause of barrier freedom for the hard of hearing.

Berlin Tinnitus Self-Help Group
The Berlin Tinnitus Self-Help Group brings together people of all ages from Berlin and surroundings who suffer from tinnitus, and who don't simply want to accept this state of affairs but wish to take advantage of the many possibilities for alleviating the condition. The legally autonomous self-help group has been established in the framework of the German Tinnitus League. Members of the self-help group meet regularly every first Friday and third Tuesday of the month.
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Tinnitus Magazin
The big online information portal Tinnitus Magazin, published by the social media services GmbH, provides information on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of tinnitus, and also publishes the findings of studies on the condition. Up-to-date articles on the subject of tinnitus are also published regularly in a blog. The Tinnitus Magazin is a service of