Why Hearing Protection?

Tinnitus and hardness of hearing due to noise are among the most frequent occupational disorders of our times. Whether on the shopfloor, the construction site, in work with machines or after work at the football game and on the dance floor: whoever exposes themselves without protection to high levels of noise will damage their hearing. What is more, the human body reacts to noise and stress long before hardness of hearing really develops, for example with high blood pressure, nervousness, troubled sleep, cardiovascular diseases, and other complaints. This not only impairs the quality of life but also considerably reduces a person's capabilities in everyday life and at work.

Before such permanent damage occurs, measures should be taken to effectively protect the ears. Even simple earplugs can do a great deal in everyday life to protect the vulnerable sensory organs of the inner ear against strain. People exposed to major and/or permanent noise in the workplace should use professional hearing protection.


Hearing protection devices range from classical earplugs to so-called capsule ear protectors and custom-made otoplastics. There is a perfectly adapted product for every purpose and situation. It is important that the device fits optimally and wearing it permanently is not uncomfortable.

But whether it does in fact protect the ear from too much noise can be measured only in the laboratory. In everyday life it is therefore advisable to use only tried and tested brands. The somewhat higher price is justified by the assured conformity with standards and limit values. In work situations where noise cannot be entirely avoided, the acoustic load at the workplace should be precisely ascertained. Depending on the field of application and user preferences, as well as the type and duration of noise, optimal hearing protection solutions can be chosen and implemented.