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Most people affected by tinnitus suffer from it for the rest of their lives. However, whereas they are constantly tormented by the noises in their ears, people around them often can’t even begin to imagine what this is like. After all, the noises in tinnitus sufferers’ heads cannot be heard from the outside. Therefore, the Foundation Tinnitus and Hearing Charité wants to create greater public awareness for tinnitus – so that those affected receive more attention. To help reach this goal we have started the campaign "Draw your tinnitus for us". Because each tinnitus is different. Please send us your images by email to tinnitus(at) or via our social media platforms, we will then publish them anonymously. Through your help, we can create more visibility and empathy! Many thanks!


October 2019: Our cooperation partner, the non-profit organization TinnitusHub, which moderates the Tinnitus Talk Support Forum, asked our CEO, Professor Dr. Birigt Mazurek, about the interaction of tinnitus and its comorbidities. The video interview is 4:22 minutes long and was conducted in English, German subtitles are shown.

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