Interviews with our ambassadors

Some of our Ambassadors have talked with us about how they take care of their ears and why they suport the foundation. Please read more about their personal motivation.


Interview mit Kai Wingenfelder
Foto © T. Wingenfelder

Interview with Kai Wingenfelder

The singer Kai Wingenfelder is among the celebrities who have supported the prevention and educational work of the Foundation with a personal statement. We are very thankful for his willingness to help the Foundation in its work to prevent hearing impairment among young people and mobilize a broad public in the cause of hearing protection. In our interview he tells about what has induced him to support the Foundation, his personal experience with tinnitus, how the music industry handles the problem, and what he expects from tinnitus research.

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Botschaft von Lisa Fitz
Foto © Lena Busch

Audio Message from Lisa Fitz

In her audio message, satirist and musician Lisa Fitz speaks about how tinnitus is dealt with in the music industry, how she protects herself and her hearing, and what she would like to see done to educate people about tinnitus and hearing protection.

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Foto © Deutsche Tinnitus-Stiftung Charité

Interview mit Li Yundi

Unfortunately, this interview is only available in German.