Stichting Hoormij

Hoormij.NVVS is a Dutch patient organization which represents the interests of people suffering from a wide variety of hearing impairments such as Hard of Hearing, Meniere, Cerebellopontine Angle, CI, Hyperacusis and Tinnitus. Each impairment has its own leading committee carrying out and implementing specific tasks and activities to support the involved sufferers. The Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Committee of Hoormij.NVVS will be therefore the suitable partner of EUTINNET.

Vision: Improving the quality of life of tinnitus sufferers and involved partners.

Programmes and services

    • Information and (scientific) knowledge sharing on the causes, consequences, coping and available treatments of tinnitus and hyperacusis.
    • Empowering tinnitus sufferers by sharing experience and reaching-out to fellow-sufferers through social media (face-book, twitter, Forum, video’s, newsletters, magazine).
    • Advocacy at various levels aiming to promote the improvement of tinnitus care, -treatments and -awareness in the wider society.
    • Participation in and promotion of research, studies, guidelines, protocols, and clinical pilots to highlight the patient perspective.
    • Maintaining networks of professionals and organizations at home and abroad to build communication bridges between the tinnitus sufferers and the professional care-givers world.
    • Following and sharing of national and international developments of Tinnitus treatment methods and research to update knowledge and information to be able to give sound advice.


      Randhoeve 221
      3995 GA Houten, The Netherlands
      Chairman: Chris van den Dries
      Phone: +31 (0)30 2617616
      eMail: tinnitus(at)

      Contact person EUTINNET

      Dr. Loes Schenk-Sandbergern
      eMail: empowerment(at)

      Corresponding otolaryngologist: Dr. Diane Smit, University Medical Center Utrecht, Department of Otolaryngology