Høreforeningen – The Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing and Tinnitus 

Høreforeningen not only aims at improving the lives of people with hearing loss, tinnitus and Meniere's disease, as well as deafblind and CI patients, but is also committed to more equal opportunities in society. The organisation has 8,000 members and about 350 volunteers.

When hearing fails, communication is difficult - especially in an information society like ours. That's why we need more free services for those affected, such as better subtitling of TV programmes, more subtitled Danish films in cinemas - but above all: more education about hearing problems, so that mutual understanding between people with and without hearing impairments grows.


Blekinge Boulevard 2
2630 Taastrup


Majbritt Garbul Tobberup (Chairwoman)


Contact person EUTINNET

Ole Arndal (Chairman)
Tel.: +45 3675 4200
eMail: ole.arndal@gmail.com