These are the EUTINNET work objectives agreed upon at the 1st EUTINNET network meeting in December 2019:

1. Transfer knowledge

1.    Sharing information on current research projects

2.    Sharing information about patient service and experiences with the respective counselling services related to

a.    work of your self-help groups

b.    patients workshops, conferences …

c.    podcasts, blogs, social media and apps

d.    helpline/hotline/webchat

e.    prevention and information material and publications

2. Build bridges

1.    Encouraging communication between patients and research

2.    Including more insights into patients’ wishes and expectations when setting up new research projects

3. Conduct joint scientific studies and collect patient data

1.    Developing a pan-European patient database based on a patient survey  according to TBF-12 (available and validated in seven European languages)

4. Develop joint communications projects

1.    Launching awareness campaigns around selected “world days” and special events, such as Tinnitus week, World Hearing Day, International Day against Noise, International Children's Day, World Day of the Elderly, World Mental Health Day, World Day of People with Disabilities …

2.    Sharing campaigns via social media

5. Encourage personal networking

1.    Exchanging information and experiences by organizing annual network meetings

2.    Developing and  updating a digital knowledge database, jointly and continuously.

Berlin/Germany, May, 2020

Here you can download the summary of the work objectives: