A.I.T. onlus Associazione Italiana Tinnitus-Acufene

A.I.T. ONLUS is an Italian tinnitus organisation which is very engaged in numerous projects for the affected. They are particularly committed to prevention, sensitisation and a lively exchange between researchers and sufferers.

Vision: A better support for the impacted, especially through a better treatment.

Programmes and services

  • Organising conferences and group discussions, especially for scientists and practitioners
  • Sharing medical advice
  • Increasing awareness of tinnitus and hyperacusis in society and politics
  • Networking among sufferers


Via Canonica n. 18
33050 Lavariano (UD), Italy

Contact person EUTINNET

Savani Ottorino (Chairman)
Phone: +39 (0)432 767060
eMail: ait.onlus(at)libero.it

Corresponding otorhinolaryngologist / psychologist: Dr. David Leita