Profile & Statues

Goals and Paths

Millions of people suffer from tinnitus. The German Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité was established in 2011 in the conviction that tinnitus and hearing disorders need the best possible treatment and that every individual can do a great deal to protect himself or herself. The foundation has set itself the following tasks: to further research and scientific communication, prevention and diagnostics, and to raise public awareness for the importance of treating one's hearing with care.
Youth are a major target group for the work of the foundation. The number of young people who permanently damage their hearing through habitual exposure to overloud music is steadily growing.
The foundation pursues its goals within the framework of its financial possibilities through research projects, education campaigns on the risks of noise and stress, the presentation of awards, and the development of preventive measures.

Origins and Partners

The German Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité was established at the Tinnitus Center Charité. The centre has been treating tinnitus sufferers since 2001. In research it has gained an international reputation. In 2014, the Tinnitus Centre will be be organising the XIth International Tinnitus Seminar.
The founding capital to the amount of € 75,000 was contributed by five donors.
The foundation welcomes new patrons and partners. Research, education, and prevention can succeed only with the active engagement of society: parents and schools, business and the medical profession, the media and politics.

The foundation calls for capital contributions and donations to ensure its development and fund its project work. The Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra showed the way with a benefit concert in September 2011.

Structure and Quality

The foundation is governed by the Foundation Council and the Executive Board. Chair of the council is Professor Tauber, chair for Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry at the Charité - University Medicine Berlin and director of the Institute of Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry. Chair of the board is Professor Birgit Mazurek, director of the Tinnitus Centre Charité.

The advisory board was appointed for the first time in 2016. In compliance with §11 of the foundation statute it is its task to decisively accompany the foundation and its public agenda. The committee consists of eleven different individuals coming from political, scientific, economic and cultural backgrounds. The elected president is Prof. Dr. med. Detlev Ganten, the vice president is Dr. jur. Christina Stresemann. 

The international Scientific Advisory Board assists the foundation in developing projects. It includes members of the medical profession, tinnitus patients, representatives of the media, and prominent public figures.
The members of all bodies work in an honorary capacity.


On 4 August 2011, the German Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité was recognized by the Senate Justice Department of the State of Berlin as a non-profit making foundation under private law (AZ: 3416/992/2). The statutes of the German Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité in German can be downloaded here.