Managing Director

Gunhild Flöter

After studying humanities, Gunhild Flöter first worked as a culture journalist, publisher and press spokesperson for an international youth culture and education project. In 2001, she joined the agency united communications GmbH, where she is head of CSR- and foundation communications. In this role, she has also advised the Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité, among others, since its inception in 2011. In October 2021, she was appointed managing director of the foundation.

"More and more young people suffer from tinnitus or other diseases of the inner ear. Working people and older people often don't admit to having hearing problems until it's far too late. As a foundation, we would like to change this. We are committed to funding research, improving science communication and developing new educational materials for young and old. In the future, we are planning to focus even more on the opportunities that digitalisation offers us - not only in Germany, but throughout Europe: it increases the reach of prevention offers, improves information opportunities and supports research work."



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