Support one of our projects directly with your donation via the online donation platform This way you can determine exactly where your money goes. Currently you can support us in three projects: the research project "Tinnitus and stress", the prevention project "I hear something you don't: tinnitus" as well as all work that goes into keeping our office running. Our projects in detail:


Tinnitus is a pain! Your donation supports:

There is still uncertainty about the exact causes of tinnitus. That is why one of the foundation's goals is improving the general conditions for tinnitus research and providing financial resources for research projects. The scientific advisory council evaluates the various project proposals and decides upon them. The main focus of the research projects are:

  • Research concerning the relationship between tinnitus, hearing loss and dementia.

  • Research concerning the connection between tinnitus and stress as well as other comorbidities such as depression, anxiety and hyperacusis.

  • Development of a European online communication platform including a multilingual online tinnitus test together with our partners from EUTINNET - the European network of tinnitus self-help groups. The online test is intended to provide patients with a comprehensive orientation for the classification of their tinnitus condition in the future.

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Children’s ears are sensitive! Your donation supports:

Since 2012 the German Tinnitus and Hearing Foundation Charité has been active at music festivals in Berlin. They offered free earplugs and information on tinnitus. This way they drew attention to the dangers loud music can cause. At the same time the visitors of the festival got the chance to protect their ears straightaway. The experiences from the past years show that an impressive majority of music fans gladly accept this offer and that the interest in the subject of hearing protection rises continuously. 

Since 2019, we focus on the development of learning materials for nursery and school children. And we also want to address this target group at the music festivals, which offer an extra area only for children: With professional hearing protection and child-friendly information. 

To help us get into a position where we can educate more people on how to protect their hearing and prevent tinnitus we kindly ask you to…

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Make tinnitus an issue! With your donation you support:

The German Foundation Tinnitus and Hearing Charité was founded in 2011. Since then, we have been present at many events, held lectures, financed publications and we maintain our website and social media pages.

The foundation does not receive any public funding. But it needs operating funds for the office, and for public relations, to expand its activities. So that we can realise new information materials for young & old, vivid explanatory videos and motivating educational campaigns.

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